Entries Project by Daisy Chain Inc

Belfast’s entries and alleyways have been getting a bit of a makeover during the last 3 months, courtesy of Daisy Chain Inc and a number of Belfast’s favourite street artists. Check out a few photos below and follow us on social media for pics of all the others!

Pottinger’s Entry has seen Verz’s staffie receive a facelift, as well as a massive new wall by Manchester duo, Nomad Clan; you can get a decent view of this from the multi-story car-park right next to it (though a few people have been chased off by the car-park security so do be careful!).

Cole’s Alley (just outside previous ‘Loo of the Year’ award winning bogs) has two beautiful new murals by Birmingham artist, Annatomix.

Crown Entry has a few new pieces by JMK, FGB, Wee Nuls, plus two big walls by Dan Leo and ADW Art.

Wilson’s Court has tonnes of new art by Peter Strain, Leo Boyd and ERBEKK. Peter Strain’s work in particular is worth visiting for a closer look.

My favourite piece so far is Rob Hilken‘s wall in Wilson’s Court; the colours really brighten the place up!

The project is still ongoing, and since taking these pics, more art has been created by Holly Pereira, Irony, James Earley and Emic. It’s always good to see more art in the city, and I would love if the project encouraged even more street art to appear organically in the entries and alleys.

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