3d Printed street art by Zippy in Belfast

Over the last few months of lockdown, some interesting new street art has appeared in South Belfast and the city centre (and, unless it was a mirage…Portadown). Zippy (whose work you can also spot on the shutters of the Kabosh Theatre HQ) has decorated the walls with a number of ‘Norn Iron’ phrases, as well as more political pieces focussing on capitalism and fast fashion.

The pieces themselves look amazing; really bright and eye-catching (if you’re an obsessive street art spotter like me) hence why at least one looks like it’s been pinched, and is likely now adorning a mantlepiece somewhere on the Malone Road.

So between Zippy’s 3d printed pieces, J.Ace‘s ‘small faces’, and Kayfabe Junction‘s cross-stitched wrestling masks, it’s really exciting to see new mediums of street art in the city. More please!

See below a few of Zippy’s pieces and be on the look out for more, on your next socially distanced stroll around Belfast!

Missing a letter or two…
Glow in the dark!
Big Jim McDonald would be proud…so he would.

Be sure to follow Zippy on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for more of their work!

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