About Belfast Beyond

Belfast Beyond is your go-to location for Belfast street art; since January 2016, I have immersed myself in the ever-growing street art scene in the city. After starting out posting a few photos to Twitter, I expanded to Facebook, and then Instagram which has been an amazing resource for identifying artists and discovering street art events happening in Belfast, and further afield.

Steering away from the infamous ‘political’ murals Belfast is so well known for, I’ve visited galleries, abandoned buildings, dark alleyways, and of course the streets themselves, and have amassed a huge number of photographs; and it shows no signs of slowing down.

With Hit the North, the Street Art Walking Tour (both organised by the amazing Seedhead Arts), various galleries expanding their horizons to exhibit urban art, paint jams popping up in spots around the country, and the hundreds of tags, throwups, stickerslaps and pasteups appearing every day, Belfast has never been better for photographers, graffiti ‘hunters’, and for those people who just like to explore.

My plans for this site are still in the early stages but in addition to the ongoing social media feeds, belfastbeyond.com will likely be used for more in depth reports about street art events and exhibitions, and some interviews with artists. And it’s not just Belfast! The street art scene in Derry/Londonderry is incredible, with UV Arts organising the ‘Release the Pressure‘ paint jam, and events have been happening in Lisburn, Lurgan, and more. And fear not; if we run out of walls to look at in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland is an incredible canvas for street art too! And finally, once in a while, a trip to elsewhere in the world might be on the cards as well.

All photos on the site and social media are my own (unless otherwise stated) so please get in touch if you would like to use any. Also check out the fantastic ‘Visumlatens’ who took the beautiful Harland & Wolff photo for the site; she is on Flikr and Instagram.

For now though, head to my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for updates!