New FAKrew Production

It’s kind of, almost summer….and with that, more and more new pieces are appearing around Belfast, including this new production from FAK plus Rask.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that street art and graffiti has only recently flourished in East Belfast, with the recent high profile pieces by Nomad Clan, Friz, and last year’s Hit the East, but graffiti writers have been quietly transforming the walls in this part of the city for several years. The Hit the East alleyway and Bloomfield Walkway have both been graffiti hotspots for many years, and the legendary international ‘Meeting of Styles‘ festival took place in Clonduff almost a decade ago.

Movs, Riot, Rokit, Chaos, Sils, Filth, Gosh and Rask, took advantage of the lesser spotted Northern Irish sun, and gave the Bloomfield Walkway a fresh lick of paint. The wall is painted pretty frequently (check out FAK’s Game of Thrones themed wall from 2014) and is always worth visiting when you’re in the east.

silwwrokit (1 of 1)riotww (1 of 1)raskwwmovs walkwaygoshfilthwwchaosww

If you want even more FAK, keep your eyes peeled on local photographer Roskobiwan‘s Youtube channel to see the above production coming together; and check out his previous epic video of the crew at work below!


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