Coalition of Chaos – Rise of the Opposition!

Chaingun AKA David Withers is back with another limited run of satirical political action figures; get ready to make some space next to Theresa Mayhem because Jeremy Corbyn has arrived!


“From the ashes of New Labour, a new hope has arisen.

Politician, scoundrel, hero, he is Jeremy Bernard Corbyn, MP for Islington North and one of the great leaders of the Opposition.

In October 2001 Corbyn was elected to the Steering Committee of the ‘Stop the War Coalition’, which was formed to oppose Darth Blair’s Afghanistan war which started later that year; he was also vehemently opposed to the Iraq war. Now, having joined John McDonnell in the upper echelons of the Rebel Alliance, Corbyn is taking the fight to the evil Coalition of Chaos and their leader, the insidious Theresa Mayhem.”


“The Coalition of Chaos: Rise of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn action figure is a homebrew, low run resin art toy with a bootleg aesthetic which is designed to appeal to politically motivated art collectors and fans of kookie art toys. Initially I will be releasing a very limited run with the possibility of more to come, with posters and t-shirts to follow within the next couple of months: the posters can also be pre-ordered now on my shop.

The figure retails at £40.00 plus postage.

These pieces are for sale over at: now.”


Chaingun is a Belfast born, Bristol based artist; check him out on Instagram here.

And as well as Jeremy and Theresa, check out his online shop for original pop surrealist paintings, and the horrifying, but oddly cute Mini Trumplin.


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