Hit the North – Sept 2017

Last weekend, Hit the North was back for it’s 5th amazing year, bringing a host of almost 40 artists to the walls of the Cathedral Quarter. Street artists and graffiti writers travelled from as far as New York, and as close as East Belfast to make their mark on the city, and despite the huge amount of demolition in the area recently, there was plenty of space for the creation of many a masterpiece.

Organised by Seedhead Arts (with the support of Becks), live street art wasn’t the only thing to feast your eyes on during the festival; an exhibition at The National launched the event, a conference with a number of artists was held in conjunction with Community Arts Partnership, and a huge wooly wall was hung over the curved building in Lower Garfield Street as part of the Save CQ Belfast campaign; the building has played host to several artists for previous Hit the Norths (as well as previously housing a ballroom, an ice-cream saloon, and a bird merchant!) but unfortunately looks set to be the newest victim of the city’s ‘developers’.

One of my favourite aspects of Hit the North, is that not only do the artists paint their designated wall, they leave throw-ups, stickers, and other traces of their work around Belfast; some often head to West Belfast to paint on the Cupar Way peace wall, and this year, Artista and Sofly headed up to Derry to paint under the famous Foyle bridge with the great UV Arts.

See below for photos of both ongoing, and finished works, and follow Belfast Beyond on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where all finished walls will be posted individually over the next few weeks.


‘Some days I am more wolf than woman’ by Conor McClure; Conor has illustrated for Northern Ireland’s very first illustration agency, Usfolk.

conor mcclure wip

mcclure done

Glen Molloy, applying an undercoat in the rain, for his tribute to the Beastie Boys.

glen molloy action


DMC working on ‘Hash-tagging SIMcardashian’; the finished wall also features graffiti by Shuk

dmc action

dmc done


shuk action

shuk done

Belfast Banker Esther O’Kelly

eok action

eok done

The brilliant Noys from UV Arts based in Derry

noys action

noys done

‘Curry half n half or pastie bap?’ by Caoilfhionn Hanton


hanton done


emic action

‘Together’ by Sofly

sofly action


Belfast Beyond favourite Francois Got Buffed

fgb wip

fgb done

‘Banana Republic’ by Rob Hilken; check out another of Rob’s walls outside The Mac

rob hilken action

hilken done

Cheba at The Bear and The Doll

cheba done

Voms and Sil

voms sil actionvaoms actionsil action


faigy wip

Lisa Murphy

lisa done

David Creative

d creative wip

d creative done

Art by Eoin

eoin done



aches finished

Tyrion Lannister in progress by Visual Waste

vw wip

‘Sleeps not come’ work in progress by Verz

verz wip

‘Sashay Away’ mural of Rupaul by Estr and Lanni Powder at the Kremlin’s Shoe Factory






novice done

Nomad Clan



marca done

Le Bas

le bas


kvlr wip




jmk done

Irony at Aether & Echo



iljin done

‘Tyger, Tyger burning bright…’ in progress by Friz

friz action

‘Tiny Dancer’ by The Drif

drif done

‘The Dream’ by Dan Kitchener

dank done


artista done

‘Deep Love’ by ADW Art – check out ‘Deep Love’ painted on the side of a rusty ship in Waterford here!


Big shout-outs to Glen Molloy, DMC, Shuk, Voms, Visual Waste, FGB, Joke and Noys who all took some time out to chat, and thanks to the always wonderful Seedhead Arts for his brilliant event!

To see the walls in all their glory, and learn more about them, take Seedhead Art’s Street Art Walking Tour; the tour runs every Sunday at 12 noon, and on the first Thursday evening of each month, as part of First Thursday’s Belfast.


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