Stencils, paste-ups and other bits – Dublin – May 2017

At long last, my final post from Dublin! Given I only spent 2 days there, and took over 300 photos, it just goes to show the amount of fantastic graffiti and street art in the city. It’s well worth the couple of hour’s train journey from Belfast, even just for 1 day.

So finally, here are a few paste-ups, stencils, and other odd bits and pieces from my trip. Some of my favourites were Intra Larue’s painted breasts, Hanksy’s Donald Trump, and little tiles with what looks like a China doll’s face on them (anyone know who’s behind those?) I’ve tagged artists where possible but please hit me up in the comments if I’ve missed someone!

bee honey
Buzzy Be

f u

mp maggle horse
‘I feel free when I’m riding a horse in the wild’ by MP Maggle
mp maggle bambi
‘Pretty sure Bambi was gay’ by MP Maggle
paddy bee
Buzzy Be

tiger tntfish

bee friend
Buzzy Be

rastoalso new

rivers run
‘Only the rivers run free’ by ADW Art (original piece here)
bee down low
Buzzy Be


doll tile 2

intra eye
(Right) Intra Larue

boom doormonster

intra yellow
Intra Larue
intra tile face
(Left) Intra Larue

eye lid


doll tilelove spreadslove yourselfintercoms

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