Hit the East – August 2017

It’s only a month away from Belfast’s epic Hit the North street art festival, so what better way to warm up for that, than with even more street art and graffiti?! As part of the Eastside Arts Festival, the always amazing Seedhead Arts organised Hit the East, with the aim to brighten up some alleyways around the Holywood Arches.

During the event there was a chance to have your thoughts and opinions illustrated by Ralph, FGB and Stephen, and by the end of the day the huge white board was completely covered!

wall action 1

With over 20 artists and writers, beautiful weather, and class tunes, it was a really fantastic day, and a great chance to meet and mingle with both artists and admirers!

Easily the highlight of my day came thanks to graffiti writer Voms who gave Belfast Beyond a wee shout out in his piece! Chuffed to bits!

voms action 1voms doneIMG_1295

Plenty more photos of works in progress, and some finished pieces below!

emic action 2
Emic – check out our interview with him here

emic action 3

leo action 1
‘The Journeymen’ Laura Nelson and Leo Boyd



five8 done

kvlr action 2

kvlr done

rask action 2

rask done

jamie action
Jamie Harper

jamie done

vents action 2

vents done

mark action
Mark Ervine

mark wip 2

ash action
Ash Plum

plumash done

esther action
Esther O’Kelly

esther done

Aches done
emmalene action
ESTR working on a collaboration with Lanni Powder
dmc action 2

dmc done

elaine action
Elaine Taylor

elaine done

agens action

agens done

ed action
‘Steadyhanded’ Ed Reynolds

ed done

deno in action

deno done

david creative in action
David Creative

david creative done

Art by Eoin

art by eoin done

falko 2

falko frame donefalko pink donefalko main done

Make sure to check out all the artists via the links provided, and stay tuned to all my social media feeds where all finished pieces will be posted over the next few weeks!



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