The Bernard Shaw – Dublin – May 2017

And now another Dublin graffiti hotspot, The Bernard Shaw pub. As well as serving your standard pint, the pub has regular flea markets, an incredible selection of street food, and is home to frequent paint jams showcasing the best in global street artists and graffiti writers. Last September I managed to get down to see the likes of Friz, Emic, Vents and KVLR live painting in front of a thirsty crowd; some photos are available on my Facebook page here.

In May I called in at a quieter time and was able to get a great look at the art in, and surrounding the venue. Well worth stopping by for a drink and a nosey on your next trip to the city!

Check out the pics!

zuas chrome redszorz white pink purpzer chrome purp limevents turq pinkvents orange red bluevents creptvents chrome redush birdunknown green purp

the high chief

vents high ch sam jack

vents part of sam jack high ch

shoiknizmo turq pinknizmo chrome blacknasty womenkrymeirma tgashead 2buckfusia orangefasek chrome redesko greeneds pinksdope tropcialdoodlesdesv wobbleycrosk bluecrosk blue detailburt chromebozo brownboso purple orangeampres white pink purp yellakme pink orangeaches yellow greenaches whiteaches white 2 headsaches red orange blueaches purple green redaches messaches highlighter green yellow

For more Dublin graffiti and street art, check out @heartgiraffe and @ninuda on Instagram.


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