Liberty Lane – Dublin – May 2017

More Dublin pics! This time from Liberty Lane. I’d heard so much about this particular place and it’s amazing reputation for graffiti, so I was super excited to finally visit while I was in the city. I was not disappointed; it is insane! Absolutely incredible work, including a number of tributes to Crept, from the likes of Vents, Nizmo, Aches, Zu4s and so many more.

Enjoy the beautiful art!

300 whole

300 face300 2300 1

zu4s1zu4swall of lotsvents binsuk chromesilver facescotworybohrks chromerip king creptrip creptpurple guyphaknizmomeskate muairma1irmairma garageghostsfu5foffyezkoeoznek2eoznekedhkdoorcroskbluecroskcrept trib1crept bodecrept bikescrack tgbcistoceltic redbrtbooksbollardbigpicampes1ampesaches huk ire

For more Dublin graffiti and street art, follow @ninuda and @heartgiraffe on Instagram.


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