‘Many Styles’ – an exhibition by Real 1 & K9

Belfast Beyond called into the Marketplace Theatre and Arts Centre in Armagh last weekend (23rd June) for the opening of ‘Many Styles’, an exhibition by Real 1 and K9.

There was tonnes of incredible, varied work on display, plus live painting from Real1, hip hop dance from JD Dance and a set by DJ Spliff Richard.

Real1, while working on a massive portrait of Vinz (Vincent Cassel’s character in La Haine) told us that amongst his brighter, more light-hearted work, a number of his pieces on display were inspired by conflict, in particular the 2011 Tottenham Riots.

burn loot
Detail of ‘Burnin and lootin” by Real1

As well as graffiti, illustration, and sculpture, Real1 displayed his new street wear brand ‘Thick As Thieves’; check out the ‘TATSUK’ online shop for it’s awesome range of screen-printed shirts.

K9 spoke to us about the huge influence of animals in her work, her interest in colours, culture and symbols, and her messy approach to art!

10 k9
‘Fate’ by K9

With so much incredible art on show, I had the chance to get plenty of photos; see below for more!

‘Box clever’ by Real1
real1 shooting
‘Tweet this’ by Real1

dead birds

real1 dude
‘N17’ by Real1
real1 double canvas
real1 detail
Detail of ‘Writers block’ by Real1
real1 detail of can
Detail of ‘Bomb the line 1’ by Real1
real1 30 to 32
‘Temple of doom’ ‘Visions’ and Descending’ by Real1
real1 19 20
‘Thick as thieves’ set of 2 by Real1
real1 15 and 16
‘Old school’ and ‘F**k Fame’ by Real1
real1 3d
‘Totem’ by Real1
no5 k9
‘Chief’ by K9
no 3 k9
‘Hunter becomes the hunted’ by K9
never look back real1
Detail of ‘No regrets’ by Real1
lots of squares k9
‘Many Styles’ by K9
‘Pink lips’ by Real1
k9 unknown
‘Dreamweaver’ by K9
k9 39
‘Catnip’ by K9
k9 35 to 37
‘Wolf Vinyl’ ‘Eagle Vinyl’ and ‘Lion Vinyl’ by K9

helmet k9

heisenberg and more
‘Say my name’ by Real1


la haine detail
‘Vinz’ by Real1 – work in progress

display case

de niro
‘Wise Guy’ by Real1
david cameron 4
(Clockwise from top left) ‘Riot’ ‘We own the night’ ‘F**k the hype’ and ‘We own the night 2’ by Real1



‘Free Yourself’ by Real1
11 k9
‘Surveillance sign’ by Real1


8 and 9 i think
‘Anubis’ by K9 and ‘Calligraffiti’ by Real1
gary in action
Real1 in action

‘Many Styles’ runs until the 17th July 2017 and really is a fantastic exhibition for fans of street art, graffiti, graphic design and illustration, and after chatting to both K9 ad Real1, their obvious passion for what they do, made the exhibition even more enjoyable.

Check out the following links for more of Real1 and K9’s work, as well as the TATSUK website:

See more of Real1’s work here real1art.co.uk and don’t forget to visit the TATSUK online store and follow him on Instagram

Follow K9 on Instagram and get yourself down to the Armagh to catch this brilliant exhibition!


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