‘Cybertage’ – an exhibition by Byte Marx

Belfast Beyond visited R-Space, a fantastic gallery in Lisburn last weekend for the opening of ‘Cybertage’ an exhibition by Byte Marx AKA Gary Shaw. Gary uses digital and mixed media to create collage-esque images, the results of which are often a pretty tongue-in-cheek parody of global political and social issues.

What drew me to his work was it’s visual similarities to street art, and having chatted to Gary, and seen his images in more detail, it’s clear that street art and artists, do have a big influence on his work. His ‘Immortal Combat’ piece shows a Lutheran, surrounded by tags and throw-ups, spraying ‘REFORM’ on a door; a modern twist on Martin Luther, nailing his 95 Theses to a church door.

immortal combat
‘Immortal Combat’ – Image courtesy of Byte Marx

As well as the graffiti influences, what’s really appealing about Gary’s work, is how topical and ‘of-the-moment’ it is; his ‘Smoking Pellet Gun’ in particular garnered a lot of attention in the midst of the late 2016 DUP/RHI scandal.

‘Smoking Pellet Gun’ – Image courtesy of Byte Marx

All of Gary’s work was fantastic, and you can see a few more photos below; my pics really don’t do his art justice and so a trip to R-Space is highly advised!

old contemps
‘Old Contemporaries #PlacesCarsonWouldRatherBe’
wanderlust and rhc was here
‘Wanderlust’ and ‘RHC Was Here’
storm clouds
‘Storm Clouds Gathering and Something Really Stinks’ (gif frame)
random placement
‘Random Placement (After Carl Andre)’
‘The Juggler II’
‘After Banksy: Poignant Parody’ Triptych
banksy 1
‘After Banksy: Poignant Parody’ Triptych Part 1

‘Cybertage’ runs until the 24th June, so plenty of time to see these really superb pieces in the flesh. And while you’re there, check out art from the likes of DMC, JMK, Real1, K9, KVLR, Chaos and Remos, in and around the gallery!

Check out Byte Marx on Twitter and Tumblr, and stay up to date with R-Space via their Facebook page.


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