Dublin Canvas – May 2017

Last week I took a wee trip down to Dublin for a couple of days, and between boat tours on the Liffey and eating up a storm (more Lebanese restaurants in Belfast please!) I took around 300 (!!) graffiti and street art photos. So over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting these in batches, and here is the first lot.

This particular group of pics cover some of the incredible work of Dublin Canvas; since 2015 they have worked with artists of all disciplines to brighten up junction boxes around Dublin. Out of the 100+ boxes that have been decorated so far, I just spotted a handful, but I’m keen to get back down there and search for more; the website very helpfully has a map of all the locations!

urban jungle siofra murdock
‘Urban Jungle’ by Siofra Murdock
the sheres brothers hugh madden
‘The Sheares Brothers’ by Hugh Madden
starman meets the blackstar nicoletta faltracco
‘Starman Meets the Blackstar’ by Nicoletta Faltracco
r2d23 morgan art
‘R2’ by Morgan
musica on the box la chiave
‘Música on the Box’ by La Chiave
elvis la chiave
‘Música on the Box’ by La Chiave
monty kim bale
‘Monty’ by Kim Bale
monday fuchsia macaree
‘Monday’ by Fuchsia MacAree
lucky cookie chris craig
‘Lucky Cookie’ by Chris Craig
love mor eoin barry
‘Love Mor’ by Eoin Barry
im sticking with you ruan van vliet
‘I’m Sticking With You’ by Ruan van Vliet
dublin characters colin mcginley
‘Dublin Characters’ by Colin McGinley
artwork iljin
‘Artwork’ by Iljin

Check out the Dublin Canvas website.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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