Wade Factory – Portadown – May 2017

Once a Victorian linen mill, then a globally renowned ceramic factory, and soon to be a church, the Wade Factory in Portadown has now laid empty for 24 years. In that time, it became a bit of a local hotspot for graffiti, and after seeing some old photos from inside by Dean Weir I fancied a look myself. After several walks around the grounds, I found the factory itself to be completely sealed off. Turns out, the entire site (over 4 acres) had been bought by the Portadown Elim so I contacted them in the hopes of seeing inside before it’s £4 million facelift.

The Elim very kindly agreed to let me in, and as fan of both graffiti and urbex, it was a real treat for me to see inside. While a lot of the pieces had been tagged over, work from the likes of Visual Waste, Arnz, Anco, Movs, Deno and the TFE Mob was still visible, as well as a few almost pristine ‘Missed Call Girls’ by DMC. Not to mention a fairly unsettling rendering of Pat Butcher.

wide arnz wadeskulls wadequote waderea wadeserker wadetize1 wadetize2 wadetize3 wadevis waste full wadevw lies wadepolitics wadepink nyre wadeonati wadenyre wadenyre 233 wadeniko wademovs wademiddle wadekunt wadekasher wadehand wadeglue crew wadegen shot wadefilth wadefighter wadedocster wadedeno wadedemon team wadedame1 wadedame wadecens wadec and b wadebucky wadebird wadebig skull wadeazer wadearnz wadeAnco Wadeanco side wadeah shit wadetfe pieace wadeacaf wadepat wadedmc heart wademcg3 wademcg2 wademcg1 wade

While I’m sad to have missed the heyday of graffiti inside Wades, I’m delighted to have at least seen inside this once, and I’m extremely grateful to the Elim, particularly Karen and Darren for arranging it.

Visit the Portadown Elim website here for updates on their new church.


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