Pure Here – mural launch with Visual Waste, Carl Frampton, & Harp

Belfast Beyond was lucky enough to be invited along to The Harp Bar this morning for the unveiling of Visual Waste’s new mural, ‘Pure Here’ in conjunction with Harp and local boxing superstar, Carl Frampton.

The mural, located on Hill Street, aims to celebrate the ‘Best of Belfast’ and show off some of it’s famous landmarks and people. Painted over two days, Visual Waste included some of Belfast’s most iconic tourist attractions like the Albert Clock and the City Hall,  as well as some smaller, more eccentric details; Visual Waste said “We wanted to put things in it that locals would only notice but also some larger things like the cranes, and things that tourists would get straight away.” Keep your eyes peeled for Belfast’s famous ‘Castle Court Busker’!

Harp Brand Manager Jeanette Levis spoke more about the ongoing ‘Pure Here’ campaign which will include more involvement from local talent, and will continue to celebrate ‘the quirkiness, the craic, and the positivity of the people of Northern Ireland…..For us, Carl exemplified everything of what ‘Pure Here’ is about; apart from being a champion he is famously proud of his Belfast roots.”


Carl (who I managed to get a photo with!) said “This campaign is just a little bit about the uniqueness of this city, and the special things that go on here that don’t really happen anywhere else, and I’m happy to get a small mention on the wall!”

There’s me!

So next time you’re in Belfast, head over to the Cathedral Quarter and Hill Street, for a look at the newest addition to Belfast’s rapidly growing street art scene.

Harp Pure Here mural 2.jpg
Photo courtesy of Harp/SmartsCommunicate

Check out more of Visual Waste’s work at the following links:






Follow Carl Frampton on Twitter

Thanks again to Harp for the invite; follow them on Facebook for more news about their ‘Pure Here’ project.


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